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Estate Sales

What is an estate sale?

An estate sale is a sale that happens in order to dispose of a large number of items previously owned by a person. The most common reason for an estate sale is the death of the property owner, and the consequent need to quickly liquidate the deceased's belongings. One may also occur because the property owner will be moving or has moved into a new residence where he will be unable to keep his property, such as an assisted living facility, a retirement community, a rest home, or the home of a family member. 

Alligator Property Management does estate sales so you don’t have to.
Estate sales are usually conducted by a professional, i.e. the liquidator. The liquidator can manage advertising, marketing, research, labor, security, refreshments and other processes involved in a successful sale. The presence of a professional liquidator may be necessary because the scope of the process is likely to be overwhelming. The liquidator has knowledge and experience with pricing items, all types of household goods, personal property value, in addition to experience in disposing of unsold goods in an unsentimental manner after the sale.

What do we do for you?

Our staff will be working in the home for several days preparing the site and items for sale. We have tables to display small items. We empty most cabinets, drawers and closets so that all items can be seen.

At that time we survey the estate and items and ensure that the estate sale is advertised to make sure that a large number of people attend the sale. By taking steps to properly advertise and share information about the sale via our website, email campaigns, and other social media, people can see what we have for sale and are welcome to call or email with questions about items they see. This part of our advertising campaign is one of our most important tools for success.

After displaying the items to be sold, we price everything individually or in groups depending on the items. Pricing is based on our knowledge of the market and decades experience of evaluating and appraising personal property. We strive to ensure that we sell everything in the estate and empty the house by the end of the sale.

Call us today!

Contact us via phone at (908) 289-5108 or email at today to get started with your estate sale. We can answer any and all questions and concerns you have about this process in order to make it easy, worry-free, and give you peace of mind.